Religion & Spirituality

Resources for the Study of Buddhism
Examine general information, Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist teachings, links to texts in English, and other subjects.

Bible Study Tools
Find several translations of the Bible for in-depth study and exploration.

Blue Letter Bible
Over 165,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, images, and Bible versions.

Catholic Online: Saints & Angels
Catholic Online offers the largest searchable database of Catholic Saints on the internet.

Christian Denominations
Follow links to websites for North American Christian denominations

Papal Encyclicals Online
Your guide to online Papal and other official documents of the Catholic Church.

Unbound Bible
The Unbound Bible is a collection of searchable Bibles with: various English versions; Greek; Hebrew; ancient translations; dozens of other language versions.

Find basics, beliefs, practices.

Islam Page
Explore an extensive, searchable site that includes an introduction/message to non Muslims.

Judaism Holidays
Prepare for observance of Jewish holidays, including cooking, activities for children, and international Shabbat chandle-lighting schedule. - The Judaism Site
Become a student of the Jewish way of life by delving into a wide range of lessons on Jewish philosophy, liturgy, ethics and law.

Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Use Brewer as the first place to look for the meaning and origin of phrase and fable. The text is browsable or easily searched by keywords.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Find mythology specific to particular geographic areas, as well as folklore and legends from many lands.

Greek Mythology Link
Utilize this comprehensive guide to myths of Greece, containing sections on major events in Greek mythology to find: individual entries for divine, mortal, and semi-divine characters; genealogical tables; maps; a bibliography of ancient and modern sources; and an extensive set of links to sites of Classical interest.

Explore information on druidism, magic, the occult, the paranormal, witchcraft and others.

Native American Spirituality
Look at Native American spiritual history, myths and beliefs -- what is hared, and what differs between tribes.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
A comprehensive collection of online philosophy resources. Well-organized, easy to navigate, regularly updated.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
An open access resource hosted by the University of Tennessee at Martin.

General Resources
Association of Religion Data Archives
The ARDA provides free access to the most authoritative religion statistics, data and church membership reports from around the world.

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
Displays searchable, high-resolution images of texts, as well as short explanatory videos and background information, from scrolls in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Interfaith Calendar
Find a list of sacred times for world religions.

Religions of the World
Locate descriptions of faith groups, religious movements, and belief systems, plus information on controversial topics.

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